Reserving character names?


I know, it’s way to early, but I just want to ask: Are we able to reserve a or some character names before the game goes to 1.0?

Would be cool if we can do that (at least one or two) before the great run begins :wink:


Simply create a forum account in that name!

cant every player/visitor do that?

I’m curious how this works too. The Pioneer has two pre-release + two at launch. I’ve registered the two pre-release names but how the two at launch? Is it as simple as registering on the forum?

Well I hope my character will have another name than my current account name^^


I would imagine that when 1.0 is launched (sometime later this year), you will be sent a couple of unique urls which you can then use to create your other 2 account names.

I’m only speculating on how I imagine it will work, so don’t quote me on that :wink:

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You got it boss!


Naaaaah, KuroKuma is sure to strike fear in the hearts of all your enemies! xD


This is now relevent - I recently bought the adventurer pack on steam - how do I reserve a name now to make sure I’m good for release in a couple months?

By activating and playing the game now, your name will be saved to your steam account, and can not be shared by others. Basically, we’ve all already reserved our names :wink:

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