Reset homeworld

Is there a way to reset the starting home world? My 8 year old picked US East then 6 year old picked US West. I spent a few hours playing the 6 year old’s account (he doesn’t want to play without his brother) and got a warp conduit. Didn’t know how to use it and now I realize it’s a lot of work to get a working warp conduit and it’s one-way. I don’t care about his possessions, I just want him on same starting world as 8 year old (US East). Is that an option?

We can’t change the starting world, but we can get them together somehow. If you message me both their usernames I’ll get something sorted out for you.

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If you hop on any of the boundless discord servers there are a bunch of people who could make a warp for you.

Thanks for the offer. If the dev route fails I’ll seek out this option.

Hopefully, the devs can just do current_world = WORLD.SOLUM or something straight forward in a player’s attribute/property.

If something doesn’t exist for tech support/devs to change a world it should. Seems like “picked wrong world” might be a frequent enough occurrence with users who don’t fully understand the initial selection of worlds. I know it’s easy to say “tough luck” you picked but that’s not very enjoyable if creating temp 1-way portals are not something you can easily create to remedy the situation (or have a simply remedy).

In my 6 year old’s defense, last time he played the boys would simply select different world from menu and warp there. He didn’t realize it changed.

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It is possible for us to “reset” a character on our end, but it’s a bit of work. For 1.0 the workflow for people will be to create a new character on the world they want to be on. If they don’t want two characters they can delete the old character.

I’ve messaged you with the details, but I’ve gone down the warping route to get you all together. Let me know how you get on.