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I can’t damage creatures anymore
How do I do that

What creatures, what lvl are they, what sling are you using?

Do you have power attribute maxed out?

no attributes for it, gold sling though, lvl 3 cuttle

if they are corrosive cuttles you attack, they will resist gold sling

yes thats what they were.
what does kill them?

I’ve had bad times with a gold slingbow, it doesn’t seem to do very much damage even with enough slingbow mastery, it’s maybe only good for tagging mobs to gain exp from them if someone else is dealing the damage, I’d prefer Iron or Titanium, Silver might be good to but i haven’t tried it myself, if you can also get a hold on Gem slingbows Ruby, Diamond and Topaz are good ones to use against most mobs.

I find silver very good - fast and hitting them corrosion mobs right where it hurts.

@Combyte - the thing with spread weapons is that you have to shoot from close range to be sue tat at least 2 bolts hit the target; if you manage to hit the target with all three you deal a lot. But you need to be really close or be shooting at bigger target (can prove to be nice for bigger creatures in future). I started using gold for hunting high tier wildstock in pairs or even threes. I would make a single shot at 2 or 3 of them and lead them away from their herd and make them charge towards me the way that make them stay close. I shoot and the bolts hit two or three of them at the same time.

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Yeah, i know, i just don’t find it very effective even up close, never seemed to do enough damage for my tastes

most i’ve seen from gold one was 700+; on 3rd level cuttle I think; or was it a spitter?

ahh, well i’m always hunting lvl 4-5 elemental mobs, might be the reason i don’t care for it

sure, gold is not good enough for 4-5th level; I would always take gem slings of course, and use some silver, gold only when at a weekly big hunt where it doesn’t matter that much, as there are always other people killing mobs so fast

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I just got Mastery 2, and the two ability modes. I don’t have mastery 3. What slingbow should I get?

2 in sling mastery allows you to use silver and gold at its peak, and coming down to it, it seems you’ll have to use Silver or Iron if your fighting lvl 4-5 mobs.

But even at that slingbow mastery level you can still use a gem slingbow and deal high damage and is most recommended for fighting lvl 4-5, especially elemental creatures, as said by @boundmore Gold slingbows are effective against lvl 1-3 creatures.

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cheers man

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Don’t forget to put points into power, also put points into the balance :evergreen_tree: not sure what is called. That way you get max damage. You should be able to kill any mob(s) with iron slingbow.

I believe I do.

600-700 on level 3
500-600 on level 4
400-N/A on level 5 cuttletunk.

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