Resistances with food out of controll


A friend just told me he tried to use the max amount of resistances (5 points in kinetic and force resistance + x2 epic + food) and he got to 110% resistance, which made him invincible when locked to the ground with a grapple (else the mobs still can kick you arround to give you falling damage). So he was able to solo meteors with ZERO damage.

I think there should be a solution for this. Best would be a hard cap of resisitances (may be 90% or even 80%?) so that the skills don’t lose the gain and food also stays a good way to enhance you. If you reduce the skills or the food effect it would reduce the value of that possibility, which would reduce good options in gameplay.

Any ideas of you?


This seems like a reasonable amount of effort, cost and resource to get to 100% to me.

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15 skillpoints and some food to be invincible is beyond any reason ^^ … being invincible is not reasonable itself ^^


damage immunity can be pretty game breaking, no matter how many skill points and consumables it costs :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, immunity shouldn’t be possible. I reckon a max value should be set forth things like this, like 90%

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Fair point. I suppose one immunity from one of diverse sources of damage doesn’t seem that wild to me.

15 skill points is no small number in the current set up. But fair enough, I have different standards to others.

And on the other side of the spectrum, they spend about 3 times as much time to kill all the mobs spawned. Which although they take no damage, there is an issue in the time it takes for them to kill it all. I suggest adding a timer to meteors, so these invincible people can remain but time out trying to meteor :wink:

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Fake News…

There is no such thing as being invincible with food…
You cannot resist poison
Corrosive Mob’s debuff armor

Your friend is invincible on lower tier planet he is not going up against
Elemental Epic Level Mobs…


Oh, didn’t know Trump plays B< as well ^^

yeah, you are right. But still a resistance of 100%+ is something that should not happen. At least that’s my opinion :wink:

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I think its perfectly reasonable to be able to solo low level meteors without taking damage. I spent the points into resistances/armours that will allow me to kill high level mobs one on one, so would I think it actually makes sense that I would be able to solo a meteor of baby spitters and cuttles.

Also need to take into account that I can also ONLY solo a lvl 1 meteor on the little rugged worlds, despite all the points I shoved into protections. Its not like it’ll allow me to ravage big meteors on Surfin’ Safari or Besevrona, or the highly anticipated tier 7 or 8 planets.

Also, I really don’t want to have to wait for a community hunt to be able to get in on the meteor hunting, and get a couple of oort stones. I generally never make it, so I really like that I can do at least a lvl 1 meteor without an issue on my own. I think its an equal trade for 10-15 skill points. And, depending on which buffs the mobs get, even a lvl 1 meteor can kill you every once in a while, between Hoppers and Wildstock.

As for the percentage, I’ve noticed that mobs give a flat amount of damage per hit, like a hit from a spitter deals 30 points. If you get armour that protects up to say, 50 points of damage, that is technically over a 100% resistance to that particular mob, but about only 75-80% for a Stout Cuttletrunk. Armour wise, you get a flat damage reduction, and it will count differently for different mobs. I can get pelleted by Stout Spitter and Stout Cuttles without taking a point of damage, but a basic Hopper will still do a bunch of damage and Stout Hoppers damn near kill me. My point being, just because you maxed all the resistances and have food buffs, there will still be mobs that will wreck you.

My point from this whole breakdown: Being able to solo a low lvl meteor is not game breaking just cuz you don’t take any damage. Its equal reward for the amount of points you sink into your build.


To solo some minor low level meteors is fine, but to solo tier 4 planet meteors (up to all without elemental effects that reduce your armor/lifedrain you) with a lvl 10-15 character taking 0 damage (100% resist and bound to the ground with a grapple) without any risk is balance breaking :wink:

It’s just the fact that you can 100% immune to all that does not reduce armor or drain you … that is just game breaking.

I have to ask, why is it an issue at all if its possible to become temporarily invulnerable? How is it game breaking if someone is able to be really badass at meteors? Its not like its ever going to affect somebody else’s gameplay just because that one player didn’t die while doing it?. There seems to be a mentality in this game that a specialised character e.g…builder, hunter etc. should be hindered in how effective they are. Iv just gone past lvl 30 and feel constantly frustrated with my character, he can kinda craft but not the good stuff, he can kinda forge but only basic boons, digging is slow, killing is slow… and its all getting really old real fast.

I like the levelling system mostly but I think there is too much effort put into making sure nobody gets “too good” that a lot of fun in game is replaced with frustration. If someone wants to put the points into being a boss at meteors and doing them solo without dying then power to him because it makes shag all difference to me, if someone wants to be an epic miner and go out and easily get loads of resources then power to him because again it makes shag all difference to me, theres always more resources and theres always more meteors. You ever play Skyrim and absolutely HATE that after 100hrs of gameplay your character was basically a demi god?.. me neither


Actually, since it’s is an online game with a fully player run economy means that, someone who’s capable of getting resources which are meant to be relatively by him/herself without any form of risk in doing so would go in and effect the entire economy and could potentially oversaturate the world with items that is supposed to be hard to come by - atleast in the games current form.


Thats the problem though. Too many things are hard to come by right now. Things need to be more accessible not less.


Absolutely - I agree completely on that front though, with higher tier planets however, we’ll get to see higher density (I believe), where as there’s a huge discussion on the regeneration part of things, which hopefully we’ll see some changes to.

But becoming completely invunerable is honostly not the way to go, atleast I don’t think it is - any miner who tried to go for high end resources in his profession has to look long and hard for said ressources, possibly falling victim to lava, any monsters in said cave he might be exploring.

If you take the challenge out of the activity then so falls the value of the items you are farming for.

Sure the items could potentially still fall in value as we get more people playing (unless we will end up with the current issues we got with gems and such atm), but if the demand is higher, then the price would actually go up instead - if you send hunters out to hunt for something and they will be able to bring said resources back, with no high costs attached to what they are doing, then the oversaturation could go in and kill the market within centraforging, or oort even, which in turn would affect those who craft tools and weapons who might not have access to centraforging, their weapons would essentially become worthless if the price on creature parts were to keep falling.

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Thanks so much. I also feel so slugged down in everything that I might just have to beat level 150 until I can finally actually do stuff without having to run to other people all the time, having to buy tools I cannot afford and so on and so on.
Just let people do their thing, if it is so goddamn overpowered to you just adapt the same strategy and rejoice.

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