[Resolved] Beacons?

Not sure if this should go in this topic or not but here I go.
Alright so I’m not sure if I missed something, or overlooked something but I’m really curious about how people are getting Beacons?
Are people buying them, is it part of one of the purchased packs?
How would one go about getting a Beacon for themself?

Again I’ve probably overlooked this info but I’ve been really curious about it.
I apologise if this is a silly question.

There is a pinned beacon request thread in the support category.

Wait so we can just request beacons?
It’s that simple?

Oh my gosh.

At the moment you need to request them. We’re working on an update to allow players to create beacons and claim land independently. But it’s still a few weeks off.

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Wow alright, thank you for the info.
That’s really neat, I thought the process was WAY more complicated.

Well - it’s a little more complicated for us :wink: that’s why we’re making the player system.

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True, true. You guys are amazing though.
The player system sounds really neat as well, all in good time I’m sure.

I have made a city in a place and wonder exactly block length for becon before I can give were I want it

I have noticed in exploration and others requests, that you may have multiple beacons, or simply ask for the xblock square size you require.
I believe standard is 50 blocks by 50. I have seen requests for 100x100 and traversed some in-game that feel even larger.

Please correct me if mistaken.

Not sure when backer tier effects take place, but could be as early as update 100! (speculation) Mar 18 2015