[Resolved] Bug Report Thread

Hey Guys

I just announced and Bug with the new Update and for that I thought just make an Bug Report Thread where everyone can Type in his Bugs he currently Encounters. So if you have an Problem, found and Bug, Glich or somewhat, Reply to this Toppic!

Well I cant start the Game since Update 100 The report Message is:

“Steam initialization failed (steam_api_inti)”

Might it be that the Servers are still being Updatet, or is this an Error that only I have?

Servers are still being updated, Im sure…

That issue might be because the game is still being updated.

But FYI - it’s also the error message we were getting when the Avast anti virus software was blocking the game from starting. Just wanted to mention this in case you start hitting it as well.

Ok, seems like I found a bug. It says “Oort online has stopped working” when I try to open Oort.
Afterwards I did some research myself and figured out how to get a temporary “work around”.

I reinstalled the game and deleted all content. This didn’t work.
I joined the 32bit beta. Didn’t work. I changed back to 64 bit. Now the game opened and said that it wanted to connect to the server (which doesnt work cause they are down). Then I closed the game. Reopened. Same error again. Oort Online has stopped working …

I joined 32bit beta again, switched to 64bit. And again its not working. Then I reinstalled it, 64bit, 32bit, 64bit. Then its working again for 1 time.

My PC Specs:
Intel Core i5-3570 @ 3,40 Ghz
AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series

Its because of the patch that is currently happening. Let be patient folks :smile:

I have had both of the above things happen to me and I have gotten stuck on searching for discovery server!

I honestly doubt that, because I have this problem since yesterday. Because I wanted to be ready for the new update …
So, you really want to tell me, that you are reinstalling, 64, 32, 64 every time, just to be stuck in “discovery server”?

Maybe Im wrong, maybe it isnt due to the update.

Edit: I should probably just leave it to them for support :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I will wait till it says that the game & servers are updated. Then I try it again if its working or not. Do my workaround and wait for a possible fix.

Still not working.

I still have the same Problem. Gonna check it for bugs but I know its not because of the server @KuroKuma is already playing.

I reinstalled it and it still doesnt work :frowning: :crying_cat_face:

Is it normal that if you die you even lose your tools and Grappling Hook? ._.

I was hooking around a bit too excited…

Edit: Found my Pickaxe and Axe, also the Slingshot - but no Shovel and Grappling Hook

Yes it is. You have an empty Inventory at the beginning.

The infinite mode doesn’t work for me. You can enter it but once every item is used you can’t use it more.

And I can’t switch to fullscreen if I escape the fullscreenmode once (fx to write here about the bugs^^)


@Opulus I had my tools and hook from the start, also some of the “standards” - glass block, grass, wood tiles etc.
But as I said, when I died I lost the stuff.

Can confirm, Infinite mode not working for me either.

Can you post the game log file to https://gist.github.com/ and share the link.

You can craft 1 then infinitely place the result.

@KuroKuma @b00n first it did not work for me too but it is now after a relogg

Edit: After a “respawn at home” it stopped working - so no infinity for me again