[RESOLVED] Character still connected - 1hour now


I played boundless then i was afk for a coffee and when i came back i was disconnected from server.

But now i can’t connect because i m always connected on this server.

How i can disconnect from server? its 45minutes now im connected without be there


Have you tried restarting the game? Don’t know if it helps but it might.

I tried restart game more than one time. I reboot my computer still the same

Yep I am getting the same.

It appears all the AUS servers went down together and are still down. No one can get into Lutrion/Lasaina/Boori right now.


Ah than that is the problem i had it a while ago. It means your character is still on planet and it can’t return because the planet is offline.

And i have problems with AUS servers.
Drop of the game when i mined a stone on Lasaina.

Ok thanks just need to wait developper :grinning:

but its sunday :crazy_face:


Couldn’t play for the whole weekend when that happened to me. :wink:

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bad news :grinning:

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Well you have options. Other game, Movie, other things to do… granted not what you want to do but it beats looking on that “can’t play screen”. :wink: good luck however i hoop the world return on their own soon :wink:

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yes unfortunately :grinning:

Welcome on our boundless community @MEERG :+1: Good luck

Wish i had another decent game installed on my PC.
was all geared up to work on my shop some more tonight

Welcome on our boundless community @Ligerion

thats the first time that happend to me on more than 3years its a decent game believe me with fantastic community and developpers.

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Worlds are reporting as ok now.

You should be able to reconnect and unlock your character.

(The reason your character is looked to an a inaccessible world is so that you don’t lose progress (items, xp, coin, achievements, cubits, plots, etc). So we prioritise the security of these over allowing you to connect to another world. Safety first!!)


Thanks @james :+1:

Thanks for the swift response on a Sunday James.

…but… I just tried to log in and I am still receiving the same message that my character is still connected.

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Still the same @james I can’t connect

And I can’t connect


Can you report roughly where are you playing from??