[RESOLVED] Desperate help to refuel - comp down

I require assistance to help refuel my beacons if possible?

My computer graphic card has failed and can no longer run it as due to covid I am very short in cash and unable to buy a new one for the moment. I am trying to raise funds to get a new one.

If any admin can help me with this would greatly appreciate to refuel until I get a new one. I have no idea how long it would take.

Again thank you

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You can try using GeForce now to get logged in if you have a phone or tablet that can run it.


If you are on your desktop wouldn’t your motherboard have onboard video? just hook up your monitor to that and you should be fine. Worse comes to shove you reduce the graphics quality on boundless to be able to move around smoothly. BIOS can allow you to relocate some system memory to the onboad video to boost up some video memory to help. :slight_smile:

It is common for mobos to have no on board video. Neither of the desktops in my house have it.

Worth a try for OP to check, though!

you bought the wrong mobo my friend lol… all mine have then just for this reason whenever the gpu decides to go poof on me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fun fact: 1st gen ryzen has no onboard graphics.


100% correct I’ve always been team blue :wink:

What do you mean? There is a geforce application for phones?


Thanks for msging me and helping me.

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Mine is a asus b150 pro gaming and seems to show the same thing… no signal on my monitor. It worked before i had to change the fan… im annoyed. Nothing works for me when i do it myself…

GeForce Now is a game streaming service. It lets you play games on non-gaming devices. You can use it to play Boundless from your phone.

They run the game from a server, where you log in to your Steam account, and it streams the game to you. It is free as long as you don’t need to play for more than 1 hour straight and you are okay with a short queue to connect.

It may require you to have a controller of some kind connected to your phone, though. I think PS and Xbox controllers work, but I haven’t tried.


Interesting. I will look into it. Thank you

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Unfortunately geforce Now is not available in my country :frowning:

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Ah, well, was worth a shot. I hope you can figure something out.

Can random people fuel other peoples beacons? Without permissions? If so, if I knew where to go, I can go do it.

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Would it work using a VPN?

One possibility - @Leahlemoncakes - If I PayPal in a few months of GC money to Turbulenz, can it be put to OP’s account there?

They might not want to do that, but worth an ask, and perfectly happy to throw them three months worth if they’ll do it. :slight_smile:


@bucfanpaka if they are happy to do that we can arrange for that to be added :blush:

If they’re happy can you please pm me the transaction ID and if OP could let me know their Boundless account details and the platform they play on, we can get that assigned


Thank you so much!! :smiley: I’ll get that payment in then send the PM and copy OP! :slight_smile:

Edit: Misread it a bit in my haste, didn’t realize you wanted to be sure OP was ok with it first. :flushed: But if not, just consider it a donation! :slight_smile:

I do not think you can refuel unless you have access to it. I have so many of them i would fuel them every 15weeks. Thank though!