[Resolved] Devs. we need you

@ben @james @ian @vdragon somebody. we need a banhammer on steam for ‘‘Commander Elitius’’ his post is currently at the top called ‘‘Delete this thread ISIS supporter commenting on it.’’, some dude with serious mental issues have been going nuts over the last few hours. vebally attacking everybody, his first answer he started talking about how he was in the army, which he mentions in every post, even when trying to give him a nice answer he is just there for trolling, even a case of threats for physical violence. and this is going to happen again and again and again as time moves on.

What’s going on?

go take a look.

Maybe link the post or give the topic name?

well its kinda obvious.and i dont want to write the name, cause its freaking insane. just made by ‘‘Commander Elitius’’, whihc you also commented in.

I’ve seen him in the Steam forum, did you talk about that? Because you have to be clearer if you talk about such things.


there is a post… in the steam hub… talking about ISIS… i thought that was obvious enough.

well i edited it to contain all details. god i cant imagine why people like that exist.

i thought that was also a pretty clear indicator…

Okay maybe I didnt read the steam thats my fault then :smiley:

nah its fine, i just hope they wake up soon, 2 people who doesnt own the game hijacked the thread.

I’ve tried reporting his Steam profile but doubt that anything will happen.

i did so too.

I’ve deleted the thread.

One thing: when someone asks why the game is expensive or a ‘Minecraft clone’ or whatever, try to answer with as an inclusive, mature attitude you can manage, even if the question in dumb :wink:

Any sense of hostility can set these kinds of people off, and then you get messy threads. Remember they’re people, like you, and they’re often seeking attention because they aren’t happy, or for a number of reasons. If you’re calm and nice, they can be won round.

I realise most of you already do this btw.


I understand what you mean and i think there should be atleast a try to be decent, but when people are rude and obnoxious everytime you answer nicely, people are going to be ticked off too.

Respect is earned, not given. some people admit their wrongs as the one dude talking about getting it for his bro, and apologized, that i have full respect, but the one you just deleted didnt even care about the game, he didnt have a clue about the game, and for no reason what soever he had to bring in that he was in the millitary, like his profile picture and all of his comments + description talking about how he was in the millitary, he has serious issues, this is not just the average troll. but these things are going to happen again and again and again, so at one points you are going to need mods, i know that @Mittekemuis would like to help keeping the community clean. and i think it should be considered.