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[I have no idea how to remove this, but it’s been resolved]


This should be covered under the Boundless Code of Conduct and I would suggest reporting the user.


We’ve reported them already, but no knowledge if anythings being done about it yet. I don’t mind having to wait if someones just gone or moved for their beacon to run out - we have a couple like that who moved on and forgot, but this is on a whole other scale.


Well here’s to hoping it’s recognized and resolved quickly by the mods, I’m sorry to hear that! What world are you all on?


Hi, what settlement? Feel free to try talking to me, I’m nice :slight_smile:
FYI, if this is Arie, I plotted to keep people from making a mess by the portal, and plan to build roads and give out plots to help people, not to grief people. Who wants plots? You can usually find me in Finata. I’ve just been swamped the past few days, but if anyone wants to help me build a road grid there, just PM me. Happy to give u access Potato if u wanna help plan!
Also, I only plotted there a few days ago, try giving people some time…


Hi DK - I’m sorry but we’ve had a couple of newbies who ran in mention to me how you’ve blocked in people like Nostru - could you please seperate them out a little bit?

I’m sorry if it’s come across as rude but it’s been a bit of a shock to see how far everything went out when we’ve been trying to build out a couple of areas out there.


Also next time - please could you let us know in the discord? None of had any clue nor could find you, so I paologise for the unpleasantness


I was amazed to see my friend DK along with the words “Issues with them”


Yeah, I feel bad for the phrasing now they’ve explained it, but combine the shock with my terrible english and I didn’t know another phrase. I spoke to someone who told me this came under ‘griefing’ but I prefer to at least make something like this in the hopes they can come and explain what’s going on.


No worries, griefing is some BS. We’re all here to have fun :slight_smile:

So, Arie then? Hit me up, I’m at work ATM but my discord name is the same (DKPuncherello) on Aqua, Ultima, Chisel, PS and Official discords. Which is Arie discord?

Tell Nostru etc to HMU, happy to help

Thx Sere :slight_smile: <3


No worries I understand what you mean :slight_smile: I have seen a lot of people plot mass amounts around areas just to be rude so it’s expected to be shocked and not quite have ways of contacting them :slight_smile:


Just so you know this could be viewed as

I know that isn’t your intention but yea i firgured id let you know anyways


Footfall income. If footfall wasnt a thing, this wouldnt happen.


I’ll grab the link in a sec - 'm too old to be able to figure out these forums things!
https://discord.gg/hGtN2NN - let me know if that doesn’t work because I’m pretty useless with Discord too.

I’ll remove the post, and I’m sorry for being rude!


It’s cool, I forgive u Potato :slight_smile: But now we can be friends!


Oh do u mean Grongash in Ultima? Lol. At least he’s leveling the ground a bit.


No worries :slight_smile:


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