[Resolved] Http://oortonline.com/ does not load

http://oortonline.com/ is not loading for me.

I don’t know if this is a localized issue or not. I can get to every other site I try instantly. Is anyone else seeing this?

No problems from me using chrome, what browser are you using (please do not say internet explorere)? xD

I am using Chrome. It may be a localized issue with my cable company. I’ll give more time to clear itself up. Thanks for letting me know.

NP. you should write if it is still down tommorw, cause then there is a problem.

It is fine now. I just rebooted my PC. It is weird because even after starting and stopping multiple browsers, this one site would not work.

Works for me, I’m using Safari.

We’ve had issues with the hosting provider that we’re using for oortonline.com. In short - it’s terrible. We’d happily move onto something else, but that would take time away from features in the game. So whilst it’s possible that it was an issue with your connection, it’s just as likely to be an issue with our host (and all the CDN stuff they have running, so it would only effect certain regions in the world.)

But don’t worry - we only use this for oortonline.com, everything else, the game, ga.me, etc - all run on some rock solid pro stuff. (This’ll teach us to try cutting a corner!)

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