[Resolved] Missing Servers ETA?

Just curious to know when the missing servers will be returning. We miss our builds!


I have read that they have problems with import the old server and they need a bit time, the mean on wednesday “maybe tommorow” but this was yesterday ^^

My Server is Civini, is it possible that we get the server back or is it impossible to import this server to the new version ?

Civini will be back, hopefully Monday.Sorry for the delay but its been a tricky issue to issolate

Mine is Sedatars :frowning: I’ve moved back to my village on Tawas for now. Fortunately, it’s been spared a lot of griefing, even without a beacon!

Quick update. We worked on Civini again today but it fail to migrate to the new version so will be working on it tomorrow. We do have a local migrated version so we will be able to bring it up but need to isolate the issue on the live server. Ruccie is having the same issue.

Gasan is back up.

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@michaelb It’s down again.

Gasan is not online. :confounded:

Gasan was online for about an hour, then BrandonGoji and I started testing things, and the server just shut off.

Its back up again.