[Resolved] On what timeframe does a settlement connection update

I disconnected my build from another player, creating a 1 plot buffer zone.

When does my build update to not being part of the other players build?

Its been over half an hour now and my build still says its part of the now disconnected settlement :confused:

I’ll mark as resolved. The annexation actually renamed my settlement and didn’t revert back when i disconnected.

As a workaround (I know its not perfect), can you align it with a guild, then the settlement should let you rename it to your choice… I think (not sure)

Settlements update within ~30 seconds. You can see it updating on your Beacon Control.

If it still give reports and issue - then there is another issues to resolve.

From my recollection you need at least 2 plots to break a settlement from another settlement.

Also making a guild won’t solve the annexation because you stay part of the greater settlement. Unless that is ok and you only want one half of the name.