[Resolved] Server Civini Down

The server “Civini” crashed 5 mins ago. The login-screen says “Unknown Error”.

why is civini against offline ?
the server is offline since yesterday

@ben @james or any other dev, can anyone say why the server is against so long offline ?

Probably this:
(couldn’t re-edit last post after I hit delete :unamused:)

[quote=“james, post:11, topic:873”]
Daily update:
2. Missing servers: - we’ve managed to fix the migration scripts and bring some of the worlds back online.

FYI - *Civini has caused us lots of problems. This is because some users have explored significantly beyond the generated area. (Fun for them, a monster :hankey: for us.) When this happens the game generates additional chunks as a flat plan. The problem is that the migration process also needs to take into account the additional chunks. There are so many additional chunks that the migration process is taking over 10 hours. (We really need to get the wrapping worlds in to stop this from happening.)*[/quote]

Nope, the server was online again after this. It crashed like 20h after it was online again!

server is back XD i hope this time longer XD