[Resolved] Slanted Blocks?

I have seen these being created and I want to figure out how in order to create something pretty neat. I have been trying to search for it on the forums, but I haven’t seen anything yet.



Thank you soooo much! I have been looking for this for a while!

[quote=“Rukio”]Slope blocks

Some blocks such as sand, gravel, ice, bouncy block and dirt are able to be sloped. Make pyramids or run up and down stairs without jumping! To check what a block is, hitting tab a few times and looking at the block will display the blocks name at the top left.

Here is how they work. When you have one of the mentioned natural blocks in your hot bar, the shape/slope is determined on where it’s placed on your hot bar. You tap [R] and right click to place the altered block. This is a toggle, so remember to tap R again if you want to place normal cube blocks.

From 2-6 it goes diagonal block, small corner block, large corner block, saddle shape, pyramid style corner block.
And more about it in topic Beginers guide to Oort from old forum.