[RESOLVED] Sovereign Not Showing Up

Need some help from @james @vdragon @Leahlemoncakes @blake

Apparently the sovereign I purchased has not shown up yet. I have already got the Order ID, configured the world and it hasn’t shown up. This is because I put in the wrong Player Name I assume as I forgot my username and player name were different.

Sent an email and a ticket to support so hopefully it gets resolved.

Last time I did that I just repeated the process and It showed up about 3hrs later. Probably worth a try to save a week waiting for this to be spotted.

This was over a year ago though, so things may be a bit different now

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Yea I went back through the process again … just in case. Oddly I can put the code into the redeem in game and it shows it as already in use.

This one needs a bit attention too. Let’s push it again up in the forum >boop<

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Just wanted to let you know I’ve seen your report and your posts. I’m sorry that no one has helped you guys yet. :anguished:


lets hope it will be soon solved for you bro!

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@james please help when you can

3mths later…

Shame the game has got to this point of being ignored by the devs.

I’ve corrected the world ownership as described in the PM thread.


Oh man, that was perfect way to prove me wrong. I actually laughed at this. Glad it’s sorted, and might have to keep showing myself up and see if it gets some movement