[Resolved] Stuck at "Meshing Chunks..." for a good 20 mins. Still nothing

Just bought this game on steam and downloaded. Typed my username and password then picked a random server. Now i’m waiting at loading screen for like 20-30 mins. It’s stuck at “meshing chunks…” . Tried switching servers and even restarting the client couple of times but still the same problem.

Hello there,

We are sorry that you have encountered this issue. When the game is stuck, can you push the [.] button. This will display a debug information on the screen. We like to know if the game is still running or now. Let us know if you see any debug information when the button is pressed.

Also, please send us the game log by following the information below so we can determine how we can fix this issue.

The game generates debugging logs in following locations:

- Mac OS X at /tmp/tblz_log.txt
- Windows at %LOCALAPPDATA%\Turbulenz\Oort Online\oortonline_log.txt

The log files will only be generated if the folder exists. If the folder does not exist then please create them and try again. These files might contain information about why the game is failing. Please send us these files.

On most versions of Windows %LOCALAPPDATA% is a hidden directory. To access the file you can type the path to the file directly into Windows Explorer.

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After 30 minutes of waiting and multiple restarts i was abled to connect to the game. Thanks for trying to help tho.

Weird :frowning: If it happens again, please send us the log file so we can find out what is happening and fix it. Thanks. :wink: