[Resolved] Upgrade confirmation

I’m still waiting on a confirmation email from when I sent my info for upgrading. I plan to remove my paypal account but need to make sure the payment went through ok first. How many days does it usually take? (trying to be patient bc weekend… but failing :flushed: )

Hey @Apocalyptica - sorry sorry.

I can see the upgrade. I’ll process is right now. (It’s a manual process and the weekend has been calling me.)

Thanks for being patient.

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No worries, thanks for checking on it.

I think you guys hold the record for fastest response time from devs :relaxed:


Yeah they are idd the type of people i wish would work as waiters when i am out eating.

goes in, sits down, ‘‘Hel…’’ Blur ‘‘What can i help you with today sir?’’ and you are just setting there like…how?!

It’s done. Thanks for the upgrade. :balloon: