[RESOLVED] Vasier Down?

I was able to get onto it briefly about two hours ago, but it isn’t available now.

Are you doing rolling server updates?


It’s likely hit an issue with the new update. Sorry - will need to wait until tomorrow morning when the team can investigate and restart it.

(As a reminder we have auto-restarts / fail-over disabled during the development in case we need to debug the status of the server at the point of failure.)

awww :frowning: was hoping to continue on with my project

Ok. Thanks. I can wait… I’m trying it out more extensively on another world…

Also, It looks like there are general stability issues (surprise! Huge update, new bugs? nah… :smiley: )

  • I can craft on Kohe, or Storial, but every few placed or mined blocks the client crashes.
    It is random, I don’t see any pattern. I can send a log if you like, but don’t recall how to find it on OSX.

With this new update I’m stuck at the “click to connect” screen, it’s not even clickable and ends up as an application not responding in the task manager.
Not sure if it’s the server or the update…

Which version are you running?

I downloaded the new update and I’m one of the guys with an Enduro laptop.
Sager laptop with my 7970m. Windows 8.1 64 bits, 16 go of ram and Amd drivers 15.4 Beta
I was running the beta Dx11 version before this release and it was fine.

Can you share a gist of your game log?

It’s working now ! ._.
I change my setting option for the exe to use the Intel gpu.
The game launched in window mode but I was still stuck at the “click here to connect” screen.

Changed it back to AMD and it was still on window mode instead of Fullscreen for my previous try but this time I had the sign up option that pop up for my steam account and password.
And now it’s working.

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Vasier was up and down last night, but is back now. I’m going to mark this thread as resolved.