[Resolved] Where am I?

How do I find my exact location/coordinates? Knowing what server I am on is easy enough, but I have heard something about finding one’s coordinates, but don’t know how to have it pop up. I’d like to find it so I can post my first house’s location for people to come by, say hi, maybe share ideas on what I’m working on. Thus far I’ve not seen anyone online except Dako on his ship, like once. And sadly, Dako if you’re reading this, before I could say hi, my gui bugged out and I couldn’t type, then I had to run and pick a friend up when his car needed to be towed. So… Hi Dako!

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press “.” like lowercase >
it will say in the top left.
the more you push it the more UI options it will show.


Thanks! Is there also a way to see what players are in a server with you? Or is that not up yet?

That also shows in the debug menu, its the third line, it says players and shows the names of all those connected.