[Resolved] Where did server selta go?

I went online now, couldn’t find the server I am currently building on…

They crash periodically. They don’t automatically restart yet so that it gives the dev team time to analyse the logs and determine why they’ve gone down.

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aha, I am new so thank you for explaining. Anyone in game I would love to meet someone for once haha :smiley:

I am on that server too! When I first joined (literally 2 days after initial release), there was nothing! you may have seen my little ice town haha

I joined 2 days ago haha, I am currently making a YouTube video for Let’s Builds on Oort Online. Maybe is server is up we can meet :slight_smile:

Sorry about that. We are looking into this now.

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noooo it’s okay, I just wanted to finish my Let’s Build video for YouTube, thats all. I am having fun in other servers :smiley:

Its back up.

thanks alot :slight_smile: