[Resolved] World Down

Hey devs, currently Ulaip is down, I’m not sure if you guys are all knowing about the status of your worlds, but if you aren’t could I suggest making some special forum where the regulars can post world statuses. (online, offline-under maintenance, offline-crashed) Just to let those who are wondering why they can’t access their builds know what is happening.


Sedatars down as well :frowning:

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We’re aware that some worlds are not back. Sorry if they’re the worlds you like to build on. We made the call today to launch with most of the worlds, rather than delay the update (and make sure we had all of them.) We’re planning + hoping to get everything back live tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience… :elephant:


Ah bummer :frowning: was looking forward to a few projects on my town with the new blocks. Tomorrow then!