Resource Drops, Random or Not? Poll


Well. Anyways, it came to me after I voted. And it’s neither yes or no to your poll question.
The poll made me think though. So that’s good.


And I have over 500 hours on Ark, and ran a big mega tribe for awhile, so I feel like I know what I’m talking about


I’m not understandin’ your argument.

Do you not like getting what you want? Do you enjoy RNG?

The economy wouldn’ be ruined, you’d adjust costs of materials to account for reduction in RNG. I thought the less RNG, the better.

Does anyone here really enjoy killing multiple monsters an not getting the one drop you need? It’s frustratin.


Yes, I like RNG. That’s exactly what I’m saying :slight_smile:


Your walking into my wheel house now and Aridhol in my opinion is correct…

If there is a more favored resource on a mob then people are going to obviously get that…
Road Runner Feathers are Rare and valuable but if a tool allowed me to always get a feather well, there goes it’s value…

Bones are not that uncommon of a drop but there less common then meat thus they have more value then meat. If one allows a person to target bone then the value of the bone decreases… but targeting bones and bloods are far less problematic then targeting Milk, Glands, Eye’s, Feathers, etc as these have far more value…

So no RNG is ultimately a good thing it maintains the correct value of the resources, it just means god forbid you have to kill a few more mobs to get your bones to make your 50 storage containers… Honestly this is the only time you will ever worry about bones… afterwards they will just turn into junk for the most part that then fills up those 50 storage containers!


Because then I have to carry many more types of tools to get the resources I want instead of one tool to gather a range of resources. I also have to buy or craft a range of tools so I can collect everything I need. A lot of additional work for no real benefit in my opinion.


Whether or not I agree with your point (or the specific context under which it is being discussed), I feel that this sentence is a little ridiculous. There is no ‘correct’ price for anything. As I’m sure you’re aware, people will charge what they charge based on availability.

Giving people a way to focus their efforts towards a specific goal doesn’t damage the economy. It IS the economy. It provides a way for savvy hunters to try to fill gaps in the market, and enable them to actually participate. Otherwise the only real participants are larger scale suppliers and retailers in Boundless.

And if you feel the need to refute that, at least think of it the other way first. If there is a resource available as a low chance mob drop, isn’t that just as damaging to the market value of all the other things that it could drop, because you’ll have hunters out trying to farm for the valuable drop and making a bunch of other stock that drives prices down for all of those things?

I’m don’t think there’s a need for a 100% guaranteed drop of anything, but some method to increase the drop chance as a multiplier (so if a mob typically drops {a:40%, b:40%, c:20%}, then after applying a buff to double the chance of getting b, your drop chances become {a:13.3%, b:80%, c:6.7%}) would be a nice change to help people target something specific. Maybe it could even be somehow tied to hunting/gathering skills.


Nice job rephrasing what I said and twisting it against me… We both said the same thing you just made it suit your argument…

The RNG % is what it is… Thus higher percentage items will be more common thus less valuable… We both said the same thing the economy works itself out based on availability…

But I prefer a volatile economy meaning some things are more common and some are more rare…

What you want would make things less rare and everything at a whole would come closer to having the same value… and to me this is not good for the economy it makes it bland…


Oh golly, I’m so sorry. I had absolutely meant to phrase things to perfectly fit the way you see the world, but I seem to have gotten it all wrong… /sarcasm.

That’s funny, because in my mind, an economy where Resource X is always expensive and where Resource Y is always cheap is the opposite of volatile, and is in fact more bland. But each to his own, I suppose…



Technically speaking, the RNG is a percent based drop, it’s an amount that drops, if you kill an enemy X amount of times you are, by average, gonna’ get a certain amount of an item.

If you make it a fixed drop rate, you can achieve the exact same thing :slight_smile:
Just make’it so the item drops in quantity equal to the previous drop rate, but it always drops now, so never any frustration’ :smiley:

Example. 10 minutes killin’ enemy gets 10 bones average, or, 10 minutes gets 10 bones exactly. You can adjust’ the numbers to make it so~


That obviously doesnt work here… Because if bone always dropped then you would have way more bone going into the economy then already does…

Your example is not correct… the percentage of bone dropping off of a mob is less then 100% Yes luck can help to make up for it but it doesn’t…

So if you kill 100 mobs you will not get more then 100 bones You will get more like 50-60(assuming max luck)…
20-35 more realistically


Hmm, lemm’ try an explain it differently. It’s alllll probability and averages.

Righ’ now, if I spend 100 minutes chopping trees, the amount of sap/trunks I get are gonna’ be roughly equal to their percent drop rate, right? So if trunks drop at 60%, and sap drops at 40%, after 100 minutes I’ll have around 60 trunks, 40 saps? That’s how RNG works. It’s averages.

The longer you do something, the closer you are to the intended percent for RNG.

Regarding volatility:
If I could always get trunks from a tree with a certain tool, after 100 minutes I’d have 100 trunks. But that means I’d have 0 sap, which means the price of sap would INCREASE in the market, right? This would actually increase volatility in the market because every person wouldn’t end up with 60 trunks n’ 40 sap every’ time. You could flood the market with trunks, or flood it with sap, but you can’t ever do that righ’ now because it’s always split a certain way with the RNG.

Regarding your other point:

I wasn’ suggestin’ the rarest of items always drop, just basic, but If it’s too easy to get really rare items because you can get them every time, you can just increase the cost to craft em’ to balance it out :slight_smile:


personal opinion

Bone should be the MAIN drop (always drop) others should actually be randon


Bone has never been a problem. lol You know how much I have dumped because I got sick of looking at over 10,000 bones? It doesn’t take long before you have very little use for the things. Everyone else has them too, so, the value is pretty near zero. Certainly not worth the effort of trying to sell.


seems to be fully rng then, because when i made a fresh nub last weekk… it took me an hour to find enough for a storage block :wink:


On testing I have water all around me. Dumb critters like to drown themselves. I hop in the water every now and then and collect drops from them. I get plenty of meat and bones. So, I had more than enough for storage blocks long before I ever killed anything or even had a furnace to make glue with. I had lots of bones and meat sitting in my craft table for storage for awhile.


Loot already varies based on luck. I would not want two variables. Happy with the one, personally.


I got more bones than I knew what to do with and I was only hunting tier 1 and tier 2 planets with an iron slingbow.

What is the trick to killing those roadrunners? They move at lightspeed!!


Grapple them or grapple swing to them and get in some quick shots


I miss my ruby sniper slingbow :sob::grin: it was good for taking them out, quick and clean :smiley: