Respawn Warning

Teleporting worlds lets you keep your items, relocating between your home position and the capital will cause your items to drop. If you have an item you don’t know how to get naturally I recommend you place it at your home base before doing any traveling. If you need another grappling hook or other convenient item check Zouls all items recipe post.

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I wholly agree with the issue, but I don’t think any warning will suffice because even the smartest players don’t read warnings. Instead make the result apparent before selection. for example, “Drop inventory and go home” on the initial menu.

Yeah, it would be nice if “Respawn at Capital” was changed to “Warp to Capital” for the time being.

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I dont think you should be able to warp freely. i still think you should die when you go to the capital so if you have gathered mats far away you have to be careful to not die

It’s literally just a warning until containers come into play.

This is my preferred solution… I’m off to make demands of the Elves.