Restock request


Having problem with this objective.

i have some baskets in a plot of my own.

when people sell me stuff y get it…but it doesnt count for the objetive.

Is there something i miss?



You need to have that item in you inventory for work correctly


when ?whe i get the left in the baskets?
i tried but it doesnt work either.


definetly. i have talked with other players…and this objective seems bugged in his second point.

check it out if anybody have it worked correctly or not,


Was it a specific objective task that you cannot complete? If so, what’s the name of it?


the specific task in called “restock request”
and the specific part that doesnt seems to work, is when i get items from baskets let there by other players.
the second one task in the objective “restock request” 0/10.

ty for helping.


Thanks for the update, I’ll add this information to the bug database.


ok, thank you for helping .
I expect it had been usefull.


I am also having this problem. I noticed it trying to complete some of the objectives I had left to do still.