Reticle in Third Person Perspective

Is there any way to get a reticle in third person? Now that we have character models it’s neat to run around like that but can’t see where you’re aiming really (unless you can and I somehow disabled it.)


In regards to 3rd person view and the reticle, I’d love if the camera was moved to an over the shoulder view so you had a view less obstructed by your own character. Warhammer40k: Spacemarine does this exceptionaly well.


The issues is that the camera would not line up with block-placing/breaking/shooting etc anymore so it’d be a bit weird to do anything other than run around without a fair bit of work to enable some useful control in third person beyond moving around the world.

(Not that I personally wouldn’t like a really nice smooth cinematic style third person even if you can do nothing other than run around the place)


Could a solution be to “just” aline the placing with the camera?
But I can see the problem and it might look a bit weird from the outside^^

If you need a good example of Third Person camera, look at ESO. It positions the camera at a fixed position behind the right side of the character, but can zoom dynamically. No matter where the character is on screen, the reticle will point to where they wish to attack/move. This video demonstrates it pretty well:

That is probably what we would do yes, however what we’d really want to do is make the system more intelligent so that it only goes into the ‘fixed offset over the shouler’ view when you ‘need’ it to be in that view (when actively interacting with the world), and to otherwise let the camera go into a more freestyle smoothed cinematic style of view that makes running around the world feel so much better in third person. It’d probably also want to swap in and out of first person when required, so that you don’t get stuck with a terrible camera angle when you bring yourself into a little hole or tiny cramped corridor etc.

Allowing you to use an offset placement/shooting axis also does technically let you exploit things a little bit though, since it means you can shoot around corners that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to shoot around if in first person :wink: but since we’re not super focused on PvP that’s not too much of an issue I feel.



Maybe you misunderstood me, I’m not saying PvP isn’t a thing. but there’s no denying that this is not at it’s core a pvp game like say, counterstrike :slight_smile:

Yeah I know that Oort wont be a competetive PvP game.
The emoji was referring to “shooting around corners won´t be too much of of an issue” :smile: