Returning after a hiatus

It’s nice to come back. I left long enough to lose my beacon and at that point, I just didn’t want to face down a complete rebuild. I guess I get to see the beacon reclaim system in action…

Everything is so nice, and neat, and better sorted than I ever could have managed…
Types and colours and… why do I have over 4000 stale cerulean sedimentary rock???

Well, wish me luck. At least the music’s good. Too bad there’s so much downtime between tracks.


Welcome back & have fun retrieving your reclaimed items :smile: :grin: :blush:



I need to do a bit of clearing and building first so I have a place to put em! X3

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Welcome back! The reclaim system is awesome isn’t it. Good luck on the rebuild!

If only I had this many lol. I have 219 pages of items to sort, with over 50k of many colours of rock .

Gleambow colours certainly take up some space and pages upon pages. Probably 25% in and just left it all sat there.