Returning player looking for Guild / people to co-op with

Hi everyone! I’ve just come back about a month ago from a year or so hiatus. Before that I played since official release.
My current guild is very very inactive, and I’m really looking for people to play with, hunts, co-op builds, and information sharing. It gets kind of lonely just farming orbs and placing blocks. I mostly farm mats to sell/craft and build things… I LOVE building and would like to work with people on creative builds.
I’m also very interesting in hunting since I am interested in making portals, but I can’t normally get on until after 8pm pacific (4am UTC) - not usually any hunts then that I’ve seen.
If anyone wants to get some things started or knows of a good guild that’s active and actually has people that like to do things together, drop me a line.
My character name I’m usually on is Szalvias or Szalvia depending on which platform I’m playing on. I’m currently building on Alder where I’ve been since official launch, but I’d like to build elsewhere too.
Thanks all in advance for any tips!


Welcome Back here a :cookie:


Hello, I’m co owner of Brown Town, we have a very activate guild and we run hunts daily, however these run at 8pm UTC so they are of zero use to you :stuck_out_tongue:

We usually have a lot of people hanging around Brown Town so if you wanna check it out I’m sure someone will be there who can help you find a guild that it is a good fit for you, even if it isn’t Brown Town :smiley:


Hi and Welcome Back! Twisted Dragon is a laid back adult guild. We have weekly hunts, help all our members, have a sovereign guild planet as well as guild sovereign mining planets that are guild member only. So if your looking for a chill bunch come check us out in game and on discord.


Welcome back, well if you haven’t chosen a guild yet your free to join Stars Hollow United (SHPR), we have a pretty active and fun community, we do our own guild hunts ones per week (guild members only), we are constantly expanding, and like to help out players where we can,

Granduer is located on Sochaltin! We are a very active guild! We try to work as a team and do guild builds and mining together while still doing our own thing. Come check us out!

That is typically when CORE hunts, however core and EZPZ merged and i havent been seeing the hunts happeing at that time lately.

I would recommend joining up with twisted dragon because they are typically pretty active around that time.

In any case if you are looking for a hunt i (try my best) keep a list of weekly hunts here
(events are updated as i see them on the forums or as some one tells me something needs correcting)

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Thanks for all the replies! I’ll be dropping in to visit/talk with at least a couple of you tonight!


There’s a bunch of good suggestions here already.
But you should consider Reapers as well. Hands down one of the best guilds in the game. And the most exclusive guild. Not everyone can join. You need to earn your place by completing the Reapers Trials.


A friend of mine recommended them! She also mentioned i probably couldn’t pass, since she’s played much more than me and still can’t, lol.


Stop by Granduer some time.

I think I’ve heard of you, man. My roommate is GM for EGO, she mentions you a lot, if i have the right person.

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It’s worth a try. Some people love it. Others hate it. But the feeling of accomplishment is second to none.

I believe in you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I second that you should check out Brown Town. There are people on almost all the time, and I’m a neighbor to the area. :smiley:

I’ve actually already joined Twisted Dragon; they seem like a great lot of people.
That said, I’ve since added a couple members of Brown Town to my friends list. I see them around a lot and have found them to be really nice people.
I don’t want to spread myself too thin, but I might join up with them on my second character that does my crafting and building.