Returning player's questions :)

Hey guys!

Returning player here. I played 500+ a few years back before the farming update. I felt nostalgic while playing some Minecraft lately and wanted to give boundless another go. I was also encouraged by the fact that I found out it had changed hands back in September.

I mostly keep to myself, but I would like to take parts in some hunts. The portal seekers where the guys running things back in my day, if anyone still remembers them (you probably do since I remembered some of you guys from before during the last couple of days I’ve spent lurking on the forums before posting this). Is there still a discord like it? I saw a post about EZPZ, but the discord seems mostly dead.

If anyone would have me, I’m also looking for a fairly small spot in a somewhat busy market/city for some early footfall and just a place to settle down to get my bearings with the new features.

I’m on US EST (from Canada, Quebec)

Feel free to reach out if you are also stating up again and would like someone else starting out again close to your base, I’ll decide my final resting place before the week-end. Discord: SGjunior#0371

Thanks for the help and see you guys around :)!

(Sorry if this is not an appropriate place to post or if it’s been overdone)


Welcome back.

Currently the most known networks are TNT (started up shortly after farming update I believe) and ultima (should still be around).
(There are a few more but keep forgetting or barely use those).

Can’t really say go build there or there :wink: as it isn’t up to me.

Anyway have fun :wink:


Always great to see players coming back. :sunglasses:
If you browse latest posts you will quickly find hunt announcement and be able to figure out when and where to go.
I hope you have a blast your second way around :grinning:

As for portal networks, TNT is still there together with Ultima and Vikings. Their main hubs are connected together so it’s easy to move between them three. The universe is at your fingertips.
You will love the sovereign worlds!
Most planetary hubs have portals to players’ private planets that offer amazing exploring, hunting and mining experience.

Go out there and check for yourself. :sunglasses:

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welcome back :smiley:
sadly Portal Seekers are on hold
there are now many many active networks, guilds and players :smiley: for sure you’ll find a place to settle
there are many many sov - private rented planets around where you can freely settle, many guilds got own planets offering members places to settle :slight_smile:
come, look around and pick the planet that catch your eyes :smiley:

come to TNT megahub - there is a wall with portals to SOV planets - fell free to explore them

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You might already be on the Boundless discord, but here’s a link:
You can request a portal in the TNT hub from their discord:

Welcome back!

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Thanks for the quick replies :slightly_smiling_face:
I did end up finding a wall with the hunt schedules in the TNT mega hub!
I’ll get in touch with them once I find a spot :slight_smile:


Welcome back. I saw you running around my place last night. (The Towers of Power -Alder):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oooh yes! You had some great deals :smiley:

I found a tool that scans shops stands and baskets with the new (to me) API
It’s saving me hours

But I have somewhat mixed feelings about it

Used to be you had to either pay the price of your regular supplier or take the risk of wandering for hours to find a new one selling or buying your ressource at a better rate.

Upon that wandering you would get sort of an idea of the market. The ecstasy when you found a great deal and proceeded to go back to empty the other shops in order to sell to the one you found the deal at was amazing :slight_smile:. And also just the satisfaction of having found another supplier/buyer by exploring in game instead of in “menus” like many other games

My 2 cents :slight_smile:


Yeah this website pretty much changed everything when it comes to buying and selling.

Boundless Universal Trade Tracker

There is really no need to build a store in a mall anymore except if you want more footfall.
If you have a good price people will come to you.