Revamping Underground Terrain Generation

I want to have a discussion on how the game currently generates patterns of Gravel and Sand, as well as cave systems. Also, lava is dog trash.

Gravel and Sand

The way these “shovel” blocks generate underground is currently extremely erratic. While mining, constantly running into the little veins of gravel and such all over can be rather frustrating, and it just seems honestly odd to me.

I personally think it would make more sense to condense deposits of these types of blocks into sort of rough “gravel/sand spheres or ellipsoids” and make them a bit more spread out overall, rather than having them omnipresent in smaller amounts. I think Minecraft actually does this quite well.

Cave Systems

I’d also like to see more expansive, realistic cave systems underground on a lot of the planets. I remember having a ton of fun swinging underground on Vulpto for hours looking for Ruby, because Vulpto seemed to be nothing but caves. That was fun because it was less mining, and more exploring for gems. I feel like I don’t see these sorts of caves anymore. I’ve done a ton of Diamond, Emerald, and Blink mining on Malurialakrib, Serpensarindi, uuuh Emerald planets, and that Yuuz exo planet… No sprawling cave systems to explore. :frowning:

Hey also, lava still sucks, and we still don’t have any way to deal with it faster or better than block-by-block source removal. I hope this changes some day…


This may be changing with the farming update as we will be able to place water blocks, which might be able to be used to destroy lava blocks one layer at an time, rather or not we are allowed to place the water blocks outside of beacons remains to be see however…

I would also like to see more variety in terms of underground biomes aswell, something similar to what terraria can do with underground biomes.

I honestly can’t tell if this is an oversight or purposefully designed to slow miners down a little bit.

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I put blocks around lava to combat it…like in the movie volcano? Lol

Like Black reach in Skyrim?


Yes. that would be wonderful to dig down into a world and have a chance of running into something like that.

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It was amazing the first time I seen it in VR skyrim

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Oh yes…similar to blackreach…that would be so very cool :slight_smile:

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I agree with this wholeheartedly. Why can’t items be more like the real world where they occur in layers. This is one of the more frustrating parts of mining.


everything op said is 100% on point.

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