Revise the recipes for Advanced power coils

So the basic power coils are rather useless for most players in game now. Unless they try to play solo under a rock, it’s a useless grind. The price off advanced power coils make it easier to buy them, then grind them. Even if your a new player you could grind some basic mats on a T1 for a few hours and have the coin to buy an advanced workbench coil with 300 power instead of playing days to have the skills to start collecting mats to craft a basic power coil with 100 power. Even if you do spend the time to craft the basic… what’s the point?? It’s really only for the xp rewards now. It’s truly a rather useless…

So… here’s the suggestion; change the advanced coil recipe to include the basic power coil as part of the recipe. Give players a reason to make the basic power coils. It would also give the economy another viable product to sell/buy.


Interesting idea. Here’s my take:

We need higher tier coils. Make a third tier of coils that provides 500 power per coil or more.


oh jesus yes. Pls let us shrink our factory builds. Less to repair. Easier to build around. Definitely a nice feature for more efficient builds as you get a long in progression. I’d love to do something with lucent gems outside of building decorative lucent blocks.


That’s a great idea too, progress it further and Lucent power coils… maybe not just more power per coils, but also more efficient. It could reduce spark costs and faster crafting times!!

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We could even add meteorite ichor to the recipe, to give another reason to hunt t7 exos :running_man:

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And since the game has a limit on the amount of coils and not on power this would be great for forging lucent tools :wink:

I’ve mentioned a few times that we could use the lucents to make coils that can be used on two different machines, mixer+forge, workbench+compactor, extractor+refinery since after all weren’t they the precursors of the gems anyway? :slight_smile: