Revive bug is very old

After getting revived you cannot use your grapple. Imagine getting a revive on a 30 man meteor hunt, Stand up and say thnx, see a max tier flaming Wildstock coming RIGHT at you, your throw your grapple out, and … nothing. Then you die again.

Its a very old bug and is literally a bug that kills. One has to go to the sanctum to get the grapple real in to reset. Whats the point in reviving if you just have to leave the battle anyway?


I can confirmed that is still happening.

I just found out today that , you can start to go back to the sanctum, then cancel it, and it reboots the grapple bug!


Still a bug though… NEEDS TO BE SQUISHED!!


right now the beacon portal bug is pissing me off more. having to double and triple click my ports, over and over, trying to trick it into letting me go to my beacons. In fact I am deleting IMPORTANT saved locations, just to make new ones,(limited saves), to resave a location at my beacon, just to be able to get to my houses. Really really sucks.

it only affect my beacon list , not my saved locations list.

It was fixed before, but it looks like it’s happening again. We’ll take a look at it to go about fixing the issue.