Rewards for other players visiting special builds!

I have searched through the topics, and I haven’t seen any that meet this same criteria yet, so I’m starting this new thread in hopes of getting some traction.

I really think that I’m on to something with this, but the idea isn’t fully fleshed out. It would be nice if we could be rewarded for visiting structures people/groups/guilds build that meet certain qualifications. I think this is best served through an example:

I, as a solo player, build a really cool structure. There have to be certain fields met (other than me thinking it’s cool) like the number of plots used in one build, the number of blocks placed in the build, the number of modifications used on those blocks (sloping with the chisel, etc.), the number of materials used within the plots, maybe even cumulative time spent between building, crafting the materials, mining the materials, etc. They could also take location or biome into account. These stats should be kept track of anyway, and all it would do if a structure met all of the criteria is alert a dev. Then the dev visits the structure and can either “promote” it or “ignore” it. If it gets promoted, then it becomes a place on the map, or somehow is recognized.

Then, when players find it, they get a reward. Maybe experience or something. After visiting so many of these dev-promoted builds, a player could get a title, piece of equipment, skill, or something to show that they’ve seen a lot of people’s stuff.

Why? Because this encourages people to make complicated builds. People who make these complicated builds are encouraged by the fact that they know others will visit their areas. Then they can get/give stuff via buying/selling/trading because of the traffic. It promotes exploration, idea sharing, and building awesome stuff. It encourages economy, industry, trade routes, roads and interaction with the community.

The key is the dev alert. They can decide if there’s already something close to the build out there or not. Maybe they decide that there are too many structures that meet the criteria, so they leave the ones they’ve “promoted” and increase the stats required before a dev alert is sent. After this cycle happens so many times, they can even rank the system so the rewards are different depending on which “tier” of places you’ve visited. They could have most of it automated, as to whether it’s a solo build, group build, guild build, city, etc.


Way way back, maybe it was on the old forums, there was an idea about a visitors log book. I look at it sort of similar to “likes and comments” on YouTube videos. A person could visit a build, sign the visitor’s log, leave a short comment and “like” it. You could extend that idea to a rating system that promoted newest or most popular builds to view every week.


@Havok40k I never thought of having players rank it. That involves something even more communal. I wonder if, instead of likes, the players could rank 1-5 or something. Then people’s builds are an average of everybody who’s visited it.

I just don’t know how to factor in the fact that people will modify/add to their builds as time goes on, I’m sure. Then we’d want some kind of dynamic system.

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Love this idea hope it will be possible

It could sort of give you a notification if the owner edits it, something like: “Insert Name has updated their build, do you still want to keep its rating?” so the player can go back and see if they still like it.