Rheticus I [Competition World]

A little 3 biome world I whipped up Sunday. Took me till now to get pics and post.

Here is my palette.

Watererd Down

An Island biome with lots of sand, a few trees and lots of flat water to build on.

Flat Hills

A “normal” landscape suitable for farming, hunting,fishing. A few swaths of trees to assist with grapple travel.

Something Weird

Sorry about the scratch, Paint got the better of me.
Lava Lakes, Weird shaped trees, Rips in the ground to water based caves system. Plenty of minerals and “surprises.”

Biome Mix

Thanks for looking.
Rheticus I.js.backup.js (64.5 KB)


Ooh, very cool. I love the little atolls. Nice work!

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I like to do underground work on my worlds. Current placeholders include: hardened clay orange as copper. Hardened clay cyan as silver.
Underground there are ruby topped quartz columns appearing only on flat crustal/gleam.