Rift tools, energy and skills

I think that the energy cost on rift tools and weapons is pretty steep.

I’m not suggesting that should change as such, but they are almost not worth using because of if.

Forging it down to something usable usually means you end up with something equal to a well forged gem tool, at best.

What I would like to see is the skills pages being reworked somewhat to take this into consideration.

Because health/stamina and damage/stamina epics are mutually exclusive, with rift, a hunter can choose between causing some damage to t7 mobs but being one shot by them or only being able to fire a couple of times in a row.

Miners can 1 shot with rift, but only if they want to swing the hammer half a dozen times then pause.

If you choose stamina epic over damage, you will at least 2 shot, so you may as well use the gem hammer.

I don’t feel it is quite balanced yet.

Not sure how exactly the skill should then be positioned, but maybe worth the devs having a look at?

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Time to give some love to the Energising pie :wink:
Try it out that should help with the steep energy cost of rift.

Rift tools are “heavy”, once blink/umbris worlds drop there will be fast and balanced tools that i assume will be quicker/less energy, and probably more efficient for hammers etc. Like topaz vs diamond.


For hammers they won’t be able to compete, Umbris is faster than diamond, but similar damage and energy drain, no 1-shot T7 possible on it. Blink on the other hand can’t even 1-shot T6 with lvl10 damage boon, but it is fast and has lots of durability so probably meant just for lower tier planets.

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Ah that sucks. Was hoping one would be a viable option. Spose T7 isnt meant to be a walk in the park. Taking 2 shots to break things on the hardest planets isnt a completely outrageous idea.

Rift hammers are a big let down for me. Far easier to use a well forged diamod hammer with speed buffs and use a str pot than using a speed pot and a t7 hammer, mainly due to energy drain