Roadmap/Funded/Unfunded Features

Maybe I have misunderstood, but ALL of the features listed on the main website are PLANNED for the future whether we reach the funding or not, correct?
At this point we are just funding and then able to vote on the NEXT feature we want - and eventually all of them will be developed, we are just selecting which ones we want first, right?

I think yes, they will all come to the game (even if later then release, when they are not funded in time)

Yes we are deciding the in which order we want the stuff, to come in if enough people buy the game we are going to get all the things. :slight_smile:

Well. as ben so finely put it, the funded features are what they are sure to make, if one of them gets hit by a bus and they cant make more features (was his actual example) they would release it with the funded features, and when 1.0 had been out and sold some copies they would start making the rest as long as it was economically viable.

… and let’s be honest: There is no possible way that this game will NOT get fully funded. We allready have a lot of backers and buyers and we don’t have crafting, creatures or even a character model ^^ … just imagine how many more people will get Oort if the other features are coming :wink:

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Exactly our thoughts!

Also, everyones effort to bring new people to the game really helps us. Need to work out a way to do more of this.


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lol, yeah I have a few friends who are just waiting for a couple of updates to purchase… Because of my tier i have 1 Extra Launch key, but I probably wont have anyone to give it to because I should be able to get all my friends into the game before 1.0 :laughing: :ok_hand:

Work with your streamers, devs need to focus on dev stuff, let the fans do their job. Even if there is info you don’t deem necessary to give to every player, share with your streamers, because they are the ones driving the hype train.


Biggest reason I haven’t bought the game yet.

Too many other games dead in the water, looking just as promising…

And this “we’re only gonna do what we get paid for up front” model is honestly SUPER worrying.

holding out for a 1.0 or later release. wednesday should be exciting…



Ehm that is basically the model for the player backed game? If people didn’t make games like that we would only have the big companies that can afford to flop a game.

haha what? no.

they didn’t go with traditional crowd-funding models SPECIFICALLY because theirs is structured in this way.

as far as I’m concerned, games are just another form of art. the most beautiful form of art, some may argue.
regardless, it’s made to be enjoyed and interpreted.

art made with solely profit in mind can hardly be described as art?

I’m just worried that when the funding runs out, so does the fun.

My worst case is that after an initial wave of interest stemming from character models and basic combat dies down, the game flat-lines and all that super interesting stuff we’re all dreaming about stays nothing but ideas.

Sure, at that point we’d have a workable game. what the devs have promised.

but would it be the Oort I’m envisioning?..

traditional crowd-funding goes like:

hey we have a neat idea, it’s fully fleshed out or we at least know what we’ll be spending each and every dollar on. here’s what we need to make it happen! -> goal is met -> game is produced. Extra goes into whatever extras they announced during fundraising.

oort online’s approach:

hey we have a neat idea! we have a GENERAL idea of what we wanna do with it, but in fact we’re gonna leave a lot of it open to the community. including the general FLOW of the games creation; what is put in when, and with how strong / fleshed out each particular category of game elements being DIRECTLY TIED to HOW MUCH PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR IT.

with the potential that some elements WONT meet their funding goals. that’s super scary!

and not even a little bit the same.

(this is my understanding. someone feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken.)

Its basically the same as kickstarter just over 12 months rather than 1, but no if you actually look at kickstarter games you need to pay money, if they dont get their goal then you might not even get the game cause they cannot make it, atleast here you get the base game, then when it gets funded with the 1 million dollars they ask or whatever, people needs to play more for things like mulitplayer, more races, mounts and more locations and gameplay mechanics.

the funding is just a general goal on what is going to be made, they are just honest and says ‘‘we would like to make this stuff, but it is not free, if we do not have the economy to keep the game in prealpha then we have to push it out as it is, if we sell more after then we can start working again.’’

also if you actually looked around a bit you can see they know what they would like to see in the game, but they also want the players to decide what is important for the individual people, should they just take a dump on the players and then ignore anything they requests?

First of it seems like they have some defined ideas about what they are going to make they just allow the community to influence that as it is us who are going to play it. This part is quite normal in crowdfunded games.

Again in long development processes this happens from time to time and actually help to make sure the community stays interested. Furthermore allowing is to decide the flow helps make sure that the things that would interest the community comes out further helping the sales of the game.

Like every other crowdfunded game right?

What @Zouls said basically.

not 100% we’re interpreting each other correctly. (I tend to speak pretty loosely.)
never was I complaining about the system. just comparing the two, as thor tried to say they are the same.

I’ve got my apprehensions, that’s all.

Wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t stoked, don’t get me wrong. (x

Just worried about that worst-case.

We’ve obviously had VERY different experiences with past crowd-funded games.

Yeah there has been some pretty bad crowdfunded games out there… Guess who have been lucky enough to not have any bad experiences yet? :slight_smile:

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its just curious to go on oort, look at star citizen, they got funded 177 million dollars, i am literally just waiting for them to bolt on their promise to anger the entire internet xD

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Honestly just having character models would have me get on more often just to see other players. and combat can stave off the currently dull building process. Even a small feature can change a game entirely.


im personally looking forward to character progression.