Roadmap: Guilds, Hunter, New Blocks and more!


Wait. THOSE blocks!? Does that also imply that we’re getting their related tools/weapons? Or did the textures get recycled for better things? :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t wait to see how each new change affects the game world. Farming sounds great, and hunters sound downright terrifying. :exploding_head:


I’m confused. Was this something from EA?


Those textures used to be rift/blink/dark matter/oortstone—I’m guessing they’ve been repurposed


Ooooh, I see.
Well, they look neat, so regardless of original purposes, it’s good they got the chance to put them back in the game! :grinning:


I think they got repurposed, yeah :neutral_face: still want the specials! :joy:


Yeah, looks like terracotta, asphalt, marble and straw


Finally, an edible block! :partying_face:


With the addition of marble I and mosaics I think I might need to start a Greek/Roman wing of the Capital on Delta


look at my new carpet :joy:!


New blocks?!?



Let’s hope the marble-like block isnt marble because i built some palace using ice to look like marble already :rofl:


Sounds like it’s time for a prestige upgrade…block by replaced block, lol.

Going through that now as I upgrade from stone to brick and refined.


I wished we could buy coins.


Then the game would become ‘pay to win’. Well, way more than it is now already.


Very Nice Roadmap.
Btw are the any news for the Linux Version @james?


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