Roadrunner? Nah...not worth it

Since the meteor update Oort stones are harder to get unless you’re a high skilled fighter who can take on the highest leveled meteors and even then the payout isn’t much for the amount of time and energy required to defeat the mini army that accompanies it. So…here’s a tiny little idea. I would love love love it if roadrunners had a higher Oort drop. Cuz think about it, 99% of the time you aren’t gonna get close enough to kill it unless you have the needed hardware, and even when you do the drops just aren’t worth the chase. But if I knew one of those little squaks were carrying a nice load of Oort then I’d be more inclined to pursue one over a longer distance before giving up. By the way I love hunting roadrunners. They’re a blast to hunt. Let’s make that hunt even better. :grin:


It’s true that there is no or little motivation to hunt lower tier Oort Birds now. It kills me when they drop one stone so I leave them be. Maybe when hunter trophies come in it will make me hunt them more again or if they get one more additional item they can drop and is unique for them.


To be honest, I Forgot they were even a thing in-game, I’ve only seen them a few times, and that was when I moved to Gleams city at about a week or two of having the game and haven’t even seen any in ages. (not sure what it is named now)

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I used to chase them like a loot goblin in DIABLO, but now I feel like they’re in the game for comic relief. Makes me laugh when I hear them.


roadrunners sounds always make me think about this:


I’ll agree there are much less frustrating ways to get Oort now, esp if you dont have a Ruby Sling.

Though I do like that you see them a little more often now. They’re cute, and funny :slight_smile:


Oh my word!!! I think that’s where they got the sound for roadrunners :joy:


I have a (hopefully) funny story about my first encounter with a roadrunner.

I made my first trip to a ring planet on my own without using any existing portals. At the time I had not spent any points on stamina or survival skills, so everything on the planet could kill me by giving me a bad look. My solution was to immediately dig a narrow spiral staircase straight down and carve out my own cave to build in. I covered the top of the staircase with a narrow tunnel and left only a one block wide entrance so I could still get out, but the deadly local fauna wouldn’t wander in by accident. I was a bit nervous at first because I could still hear them wandering around up there, but my plan worked and none of them managed to wander down.

For the next several hours, I enjoyed digging out a massive cave for myself and putting up machines inside of it. Once I had the machines going, I started expanding the cave to the edge of the beacon area. Considering I had maybe 10-12 plots worth and only copper tools, this took quite some time. I just zoned out and kept digging. As I was carving out the last couple of beacons, I could swear the creatures seemed to be getting louder, but if they were going to wander all the way down, they surely would have done so sometime in the last several hours, right?

Then I heard this ghastly squawk that was ten times louder than all the other creatures. I looked up to see a brightly plumed harbinger of death shooting out of the bottom of my staircase and straight at me. I just about had a heart attack. I ran, despite thinking I was surely going to die anyway. When I turned to see how close it was, it hadn’t moved. I still have no idea why, but after scaring me half to death, it simply dropped dead of its own volition. I claimed an Oort Shard from its corpse and continued digging, suddenly a lot more worried about the random noises I could hear above me.


That’s hilarious. We’re gonna have lots of funny stories like that once the cave creatures are integrated. :smirk:


I do still hunt them, but having a ruby sling as my favorite certainly helps. Also, with max luck they often drop more like 2-3 oort per bird, which is still not the best, but better than nothing. Better drops would certainly help, though!


I think preupdates there where more around then now. Used to hear them near plaza every 5minutes but those tiles we also had buggy area that had millions of monster lol def want to see more

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3 is top drop for any item (be it from a creature or a block) - and its only achievable on higher tier worlds.
Killing them birds in there does make a bit more sense than on the home worlds or even moons, but then again there are mobs around you dropping both oort stones plus you get other stuff galore like dark blood, fossil or even gems, so at the end of the day if a bird escapes my first approach I usually dont chase it (especially when there is a lot of lava around as they drown in it if you dont kill them fast enough).
On the moons and home worlds I dont bother to hunt them at all as the 1 stone drop is just not enough of an incentive.

Oh yeah, they’re definitely only worth hunting on ring worlds, agreed.

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Just to know, roadrunners will be dropping more items other than Oort Stone which will have other uses for players. :slight_smile:


I hope they drop chairs my ass hurts from siting on blocks for a year hehe love the game cant wait to go chaise them again


@the-moebius comment… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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