RoadRunner name change?

So i was talking to a few guys recently about the name of the Birds which give Oort Stone upon death - this has come from myself calling these birds Oort Birds - so i have created a poll (if it is possible) to see if the RoadRunners could do with a name change - so here is the poll guys - if there is any issue with me doing this then mods/devs - please remove this post -

  • Roadrunner
  • Oort Bird
  • Something else

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Thank you

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I quite like Roadrunner - it suits them fine.

They’re among my favourite mob types. In fact I love both passive mobs; Wildstock and Roadrunners.




Agreed…the passive mobs really put life into the game. Id love to see all the birds though, whose chirps somehow manage to reach the deepest depths of the planet.


the reasoning behind my thoughts on the name change is purely because the are oort coloured and they give oort stones on death - nothing else in the game is oort coloured

i will allow this to run for a few days and if its roadrunner then ofc its roadrunner - obviously the name has been since the game was created? but it is not yet full release - although i understand how it could be with a name change now - but with everything in game changing slowly until release … well :stuck_out_tongue:

absolutely, I would think that nothings completely concrete yet. Might as well put out some feelers and see what the people want.

Not sure if there are trademark burdens on it, but they’re okay–you know, except for the “we don’t have any roads” thing. :grin: I guess where we’re doing, we don’t need roads. :rocket:

Years later, there’s still no support for calling the “WildStock” ( :goat: ) “goorts.” They smell like goorts. They even climb like goorts. (Kind of.) They have that little chin thing like goorts. They certainly taste like goorts!

But back to “RoadRunner”…sure, that’s not bad. Telegraphs the punch a little, but it’s okay.


The flying birds disappear with the java-version…only their songs still echo.


The birds are clearly up in the clouds… wherever they are.