Roads and sky bridges in Ruchs

Hey Ruchs neighbors:

I’ve begun two different projects:

  • Roads between all beacon areas:

I have begun building roads with Clay brick. The roads are 4 blocks wide, and every 8th block have a row of 4 white gleam blocks for illumination. There are also white gleam block borders running along each of the road sides to further help with night-time navigation. I thought about using lamps, but the illumination of white gleam cubes was prettier to me. In areas where the landscape changes enough I am creating wooden staircases to link the varying elevation.

  • Gleam sky-bridges:

Using the white gleam cubes, wooden stairs, and slabs, I’ve been creating very high-altitude sky-bridges linking various parts of the world. I’ll be linking one of the main trunks into the Capital soon. You should be able to run along these full-speed at a staggering altitude for very long distances. Maybe some of you think it looks gaudy. I am open to suggestions on changing the design.

Feedback and suggestions is always welcome!
Thanks friends,

  • Dave

I have moved the topic to creations, so don’t wonder :wink:

I think sky bridges should not be a problem as long they are not everywhere and glowing like a hit lines in the sky. But that’s only my opinion :wink:

Whoops, sorry, I should indeed have posted it in there. Thanks for moving it.

Well, you make a good point. I suppose too much gleam all about would be a bit annoying. Perhaps I will rework them into mostly wood with gleam now and again just as a beacon and nothing more.

Thanks for the feedback, TheBirne! :smile:

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Cool Idea I just hope there are not some players who need to actually “redsign” you finished projects If you know what I mean…

To the roads: How about you make it 6 blocks wide with 1 stone slab, 4 grapple and another stone slab to wrap it up and continue it that way? would look kinda nice :smile:

Porxanas - cool. I will play around with your design today and see how it looks. Are yon on Ruchs as well, Porxanas? If so, lemme know your beacon position and I can see about linking you into our areas.

Gravel does have a nice ‘road’ look to it. I kinda liked the clay bricks too, since it reminds me of the cobblestone roads in my town. :smile:

As soon as Im home im gonna make some screens and link it here…unfortunately I haven’t settled down Ruchs :frowning: I basically hopped to a EU server with my friend @PopiDD which I can’t remember its name…

Took some screenshots here.

First is the view of one of the roadways connecting various beacons. This one, as you can tell, is near Ghosted’s house (and mine).

Same area but at night. I’ve tried to sprinkle flowers near the road as well when it’s sensible.

The road leading up to my house (and a medical station as you can see):

Oh hey, it’s my home!

Thanks all,

  • Dave

Looks very interesting :slight_smile: Here is my version I told you earlier:

Remember: this is only a sample done in about ~22min
In my opinion its a bit more simple and aesthetic due to less light sources and more stones. Btw im playing on Gortnen :blush:

aaaaaand…this is what we builded so far (ignore the torches I need light around me!) :

This is what we had for an idea before lol


Wowzers, you guys have some awesome fancy roads. I suppose mine are somewhat humble and simple. :smile:

Well, perhaps my roads will just be my own calling card.

Thanks again for sharing, guys - I love them!