Roblox Inspiration..?


Boundless is not Roblox, but it would be fun to somehow have player-made forts that spawn mobs to fight with spawned mobs from other player-made forts, and the mobs also be attackable by rival players. Maybe a guild function…? Not true PvP but a form of entertainment, exp, and resources - although the mobs would probably just drop resources relevant to this type of gameplay.


I think the servers would have a conniption fit followed by a grand mal seizure if players were allowed to spawn quite a few mobs like this.

I can see someone some how getting 1000s of them to spawn.


Great idea, but how about these types of user made ‘modded’ games are allowed on the user owned planets (and farmed off to a different shard in the cloud).

Would be great fun, and a huge variety of content for people to have fun with.

The pressure taken off the dev team, if mods happen of course…


Yeah this would probably end up being more of a mod, would waste too much dev time to build otherwise. Still, I want base defenses for my t6 base :joy: