Rock Paper Shotgun - Boundless Announcement


I thought this was by far the best article so far.


That Artist guy doesn’t seem to get what early access mean though:

Also really don’t seem to follow devlopement:

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Says the developer of numerous titles…

Game development is easy, duh!

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I kinda thought you were announcing shotguns into the game for a sec XD


The thing that kills me about these smack talkers, is that original Everquest was built over 3 years, WoW took 4 years. Both of which had full scale teams and financing from the start. Minecraft was in development for 3 years before 1.0, and it is not even an MMO it is just a multiplayer game. But these jerk offs see fit to talk **** because they don’t see features being added fast enough over the coarse of 1 year.


Even still, MC was never built with multiplay in mind, just look at what is required to run a multiplay server (realms excluded, that came years later) and the complete lack of general protections afforded to hosts. It basically had to be rebuilt from the ground up, and often updates are simply incompatible with multiplay. It takes months for third party groups to manage to fix a working version for multiplay, an utter mess. Don’t even get me started on the various platforms like Xbox or pocket…


The effort that goes into creating a game where you can step from one world into another and continue playing is not visible to most commentators. But it’s essential to make Boundless an online 1st game, ie. online is it’s first mission, offline will come 2nd.

As ever we appreciate your support and understanding here.


This seemed an opinion about opinions…

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Thank you for making online first!

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The sad part is that is one of the most impressive technical accomplishments of the game.

You are seamlessly transitioning from a server hosted on one side of the world to a server hosted on the other side. Your entire inventory moves with you. You can even see what is happening on the other side of the gateway in real time.

(I working on my pitch for PAX)

Comment - Minecraft’s got portals too.

::flip desk::

Update - I decided to take this post and do something constructive with it.

“Those gateways you see are not just portals to another world on the same server. When you step across, you and your inventory are being seamlessly moved from a server that is hosted on one side of the world to a server that is hosted on the opposite side of the earth, Instantly! You can even see what is happening on the other server in real time by looking through that gateway.”