Rock/trunk dump?

is there anyone buying rocks/trunks .15c/.2c respectively or higher i can sell to?

Also if I setup a t1 sap farm, do you think people would part with their trunks @ .12c if the request basket is in the same place?

Dktree on Eresho for rocks and trunk

Trunks. Depends what trunks.
Example arie - gellis lustrous… i dont even bother buying. 2c seems reasonable… depending on what you have.

If you have example light blue ancient im interested

If you want people to use the farm, I’d suggest make it T3 plus as then it also gives bark

thx, I found out you are buying at 1c per yesterday after much searching, i filled your lustrous wood one thank you.

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Give me a few more days and Iconicsberg will be buying such items muhahahahaha


I was just trying to figure out what to do with the generic wood.
I value it at around 0.15c for generic color/type so if people want to sell it lower than that I could take some off their hands… but the 1c offered was pretty good alternative ^^; (i am so poor lol)

So sorry buugi I dont have light blue, I only had trior lustrous, the most easily farmed wood.

Envy77, I was looking for a tier 3 spot but I don’t know the criteria people need… other than “enclosed”
is it good just to have lots of trees clumped up so you regen more per bomb
or 1 fatter tree for the 3x3 hammer
or good color of which I have no idea what is.
or a working bump up regen bomb setup

Orrian how much would iconicsberg be buying at and where is it located? for future reference…

One fat tree for 3x3 is best