Rocks on Sloped Terrain

I’m not sure if this is a bug but it’s definitely an interesting situation. Normally when a rock is on a flat piece of terrain you can see the rock occupying the block above it. However when a rock is on a sloped terrain the rock only visible in the sloped rock cube yet the block above is still blocked and you can’t place a block there.

In this picture you can see what I am talking about and the block above I can’t actually place a block. I was confused at first until I noticed the rock there.

I know it’s likely there are various other examples similar to this on different worlds, but what’s the world and coordinates of this particular location?

I destroyed the example after grabbing screenshot but I found another similar example with a plant nearby. It appears to be the same game logic.

World: Cephonex Merika
Beacon: Grepster’s Farm
Location: 685N, -1079E (Altitude 71)

I picked up a boulder and placed it right next to this spot and it replicates the original. It’s seems to be working as intended given stone is on top of terrain but just visually is surprising b/c the rock shows no presence in the block above.

Thanks for the reply and screenshot. According to one of the software engineers, this isn’t a bug, since whatever is placed there (wherever it’s a boulder or plant) already occupies that space, even if visually it’s offset onto the slope.

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