Rome was not built in a day

Hopefully just the area we need

Oh haha :smile:, well I hope @nevir is able to do it because, though I haven’t given up on tearing down trees, it’d be nice to easily render them gone.


Hey I kinda dropped off the face of oort a while ago, but I kinda want to help a bit with this project as it seems promising, and I wouldn’t mind doing a bit of mindless excavation or simple building to further the cause. Could someone pm me with the details of where /how you want the build done?

Oh thank god:

@james WB bug (or at least oddity) It turns out the image noise is wrapped at 50%. E.g. In order to get a circle in the center of the biome map, I had to generate this texture:


However, I’m going to make a final pass of small tweaks before I submit too, since we’ve got a bit of time before the devs wake up. Here’s what’s on my list:

  • Fix up dessert pillars:
    • Make them shorter (~50%)
    • Allow bushes to spawn on them more frequently
    • More variations on pillar heights (so that it doesn’t look like a giant slab)
  • Ensure that gleam trees (inside mountains) don’t spawn in the mountain wall (which lets light through)
  • Give jungle outside of the capital region a bit more vertical variation (I went too far smoothing it out)
  • Different color for the light tree trunks
  • Shorter oasis shrubs

If you have other things you think I should tweak, speak up, as well!


That is perfect it is going to save us so much time.

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And the world file


Well, what do you know! What could have potentially taken weeks of deforestation has been cleared up with some world builder magic from @nevir and the dev team! What’s next, you say? It’s time to start laying out the floor plan for the city’s infrastructure. We will be laying the outline for the city’s wall, city center, and main streets as soon as the newly modified world goes live. Once these are outlined, we will put down a segment of repeatable road patterns to be copied and placed. Street placements will be finalized, then distributed for the community to help set up. The city’s center will be placed at x=-90, z=0

Laying the street work should take a few days, which should give us some time to settle the placements of many of the districts most important buildings. We’ve made some adjustments to the original city structure that should make it easier to navigate, allow more space for larger builds, and provide everything a player could possibly want from a city for years to come.

In this image, you will see a very early and very general layout that we will likely be going with to begin with. A few things here are only place holders to reflect the intended style, not the final design.
We decided to go with 4 spokes, and 4 districts rather than the previous 8. To make the city feel more alive and lived in, we combined some districts into singe districts, and will be combining other features into all of the districts. Tentatively, the districts are organized like so;

NW: Industrial district- Mining, refinery*, lumber mill, lower class homes
NE: Entertainment- Pvp Arena*, bounce/slide parks, taverns, brothels, clubs, YouTube studio, civilian docks, wealthy homes.
SW: Trade- Bank* strip malls, open air markets, auction house, block shops, industrial docks, middle class homes.
SE: Crafting- Blacksmiths, tinkerers, factory* middle class homes.

Note: builds marked with a (*) are going to be large landmark builds that can be seen from a distance, and will lend their theme to the rest of the district. (ex, the pvp arena’s build style and color scheme will be reflected in much of the entertainment districts style.) Also, we decided to mix residential buildings through out the entire city so as to provide a good mix of places to live as well as reflect many different lifestyles. Finally, not every district will be represented entirely inside the city’s walls. Agriculture will mostly exist outside of the city’s walls, with expansive fields of colored grass, fruit, flora, and grazing beasts will support the city, as well as the barns, grain silos, and windmills that support them.

That was a bit further look into the over all plans than we really need to focus on right this moment, so a TL;DR for the next stage is to:
1) set outlines of main streets and outer wall
2) lay main streets, build bridges across the river where they cross.
3) no buildings will be started until main streets are finished.


This isn’t really a bug - rather just how the image is mapped into the world. I’m assuming it is in keeping with the noise function mappings as well. @lucadeltodecso would know more.

(0, 0) in the image will map to (0, 0) in the world, which by default is where the center of a visualisation will be (32 chunk visualisation will be chunks -16, -16 to 15, 15 so that (0,0) is in the centre of the visualisation). So it does make sense that to get a circle in the middle of the world you’d need the image to have a circle across the corners.

Of course, when the game supports wrapping worlds fully, (0, 0) won’t be the middle of the world anymore (but then, nowhere will be the ‘middle’ of the world anymore actually). In particular a full wrapping world would have chunks from (0, 0) to (size - 1, size - 1) rather than currently where our worlds are like (-128, -128) to (127, 127)

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New world is up, anybody care to join me?

Ah! Makes tons of sense.

That sounds great; I think folk will find it a bit more intuitive, too

Hey @nevir - I’m really impressed with how you’ve got to grips with the World Builder. It’s almost as if you can bend it to your will now! (Want a circular clearing at 0,0? No problem!!) It’s really great to see the community using the tool to craft a world by design. This is exactly how we wanted the tool to be used. And it’s impressive what you’ve been able to achieve given the developer interface currently exposed. :star2: x :100:


Give us a good set of primitives, and look at what we can do :slight_smile:

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Going to join you in 30-40 min if you are still online then.

In the meantime:
I´ve set up my old WoW 10 Slot server for Oort.


Will I be able to help with this build or builds on Tuesday as this is when I get my new laptop with GTX 980.

What I wandering is if I could still help by then?

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I am very sure it is not going to be done by next Tuesday.

Ok,good for me in a sense as I am using an older laptop that I found as my most recent broke two days ago and this can barely do anything… XD

Building in progress.


Looks awesome!

Also, I believe maybe purple gleams could be used as they look great at night but turquoise is still great