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Cool thanks. Gonna book mark that

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You checked caves?

hm i went into the big cuby caves but didnt see any also got 5k + goo in regular and tunnel caves :woman_shrugging: i also dived whenever is realized there was water but not in every lake and i tried to get on top of mountains as well . there was 1 mud biome which was suspicious but i didnt see anything around it , i also tried to look for sand deserts since they could have tangle cacti (last whiteish planet had 4 cacti ) but maybe i missed them where else could tangle be? maybe in rare trees? i saw that ancient wood was only in a few lustrous trees avaiable just like the growth i showed

Boundlexx has details on all of the resources as well. The data on spawning conditions are taken straight from the game files as well. Boundless Info/Nixbot on TNT has the same data as well.


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