[Ropagitta] --[Rift Tier 7 Exoworld]-- [Active] Landscape


I appreciate the offer! I was just going to buy my hammer from the Golden Fist for it. I was able to make it to the blink worlds, but rift ones always spawn on busy weekends lol.

I would take you up on where to find the rift though! I don’t know if our times will line up though. I’m at work right now and won’t be off for about… 7 hours still :sob:


Hey no worries dude, just thought I’d offer in case a T7 hammer was out of your reach as coming here with anything less will just end up driving you crazy.

As for advice/help I may or may not be on at that time, so feel free to message here or on discord when you get on and if I’m here I’ll help (wakenbake#1746)

If i’m not heres some simple tips. Get a complete atlas and a piece of rift in it (this is a necessity). Target the brightest blue dots on the atlas (these are the small clusters of rift, and there are a few remaining). They will most likely be in the 30-35 range, but could be anywhere from 10-50. They are mapped on the atlas more like a surface plant is than a high density gem is, so the centre of the blue dot is exactly where it is (you just need to find the altitude).

Dig to the next dot or if it’s far away, escape to sanctum or regen bomb to get to surface and run there. Usually each cluster will clear the hotspot completely, sometimes a blue haze will remain and it’s up to you if you want to spend the time finding the last piece or 2 scattered in the spot.

Biggest advice, be persistent , patient and don’t get too upset if you don’t find more than 40-50 in an hour. It’s the hardest planet available, it’s been cored out nearly hollow and yet it still has 1000’s of rift just waiting for a new owner!

(Just now)


Another piece of advice is to focus between 15 to 20 altitude on the low end and 40 to 50 on the high end as most of the range in between is a large hole.


You’re using forged rift hammers? How much you buy them for? Haven’t seen any decently priced.


I actually just pulled these out of the forge before coming here to give them a test run before deciding to sell or not. I made a mass craft of hammers immediately after the first exo we saw… only to discover that forging them was beyond my abilities. I have since experimented and practiced and managed to make some “mid quality” ones reliably, however with quirks (I deconstruct if I get a bad one). I came up with an approximate forging ingredient cost of about 1000-1500 coins averaged across 6 forges. If you’re interested in this sort of thing I can discuss a fair price with you (i’m not here to accumulate wealth, just to sustain my forging addiction so the price will be very fair and quite frankly I can make far better gem hammers to mine T7)

Some examples…

I could target a better 3rd boon (eg dura) and maybe target only the action speed quirk if requested however this would increase costs slightly thanks to RNG being a b****ch.


Yep, that is what I was doing yesterday there, tunneling below some of the hollowed out areas. That, and go for the smaller hotspots.