ROXIE'S megashop

whats going on? on my way for shopping and literally hit the wall

I will check when I’m on if I still have perms on my main and alts

Also no permission. Even for an alt that never visited.
Must be locked in general. 12 hours ago I was still shopping there.

me too, i was there yesterday few times looking for particular colors as i added another segments for my color display, wanted to buy today another colors :smiley:

It’s not locked it shows 8 weeks on the portal that @Zjawcia posted I guess the do some renovation? So no stress

I know she was working very hard on the shop so she may be changing up things a bit. Love me some Roxie.


the entire shop has vanished , i ‘‘assume’’ they are rebuilding :man_shrugging:

ah, few days ago i went thru all Roxie’s portals inside shop and 1 of them lead to place called “new shop” or something like that,so it was aparently reclaimed :slight_smile:


either rebuilding, or on a new homeworld/sovereign

I actually saw her in my shop buying some things so I am sure she is just changing a few things. I couldn’t catch her to talk to her.

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Correct rebuilding has started (totally not a spy)

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From the TNT discord…


Thanks @Soju-VB

yeah I talked to Roxie last night She is definitely doing a renovation. I told her peeps were asking lol.

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that is a relief…been a fanboy since the small shop in DK mall and have been a frequent shopper ever since…no other place quite like it.


TNT portal open again
looking lovely!


Yeah have been there few days ago and they seem to work on 4 different selling areas. One for gleam, one for brick again for sure and the rest shall be still found out :slight_smile: