Ruby Sov - advice needed

Hi Boundless community, need some advice please…

I’m about to roll a new SOV and would like it to be good for mining ruby. I’ve searched the forums and found some tips, although they are a bit dated. Any advice anyone can offer on biomes etc that work well?

Fierce burn T5 or T6? (is the only difference block and mob strength/levels?).

Many thanks, Elsie.


Sharing something a good friend who rolled many sovs shared with me.

“Rubies are tricky, need to keep as much of a flat, land surface as possible. Rubies need a land surface of 60-75 IIRC and best two biomes are Graveyard at lv 5 and Ancient Villages at lv 7. A ruby world can also be a good high level hunt world since going for flat.”

I miss Paka…

@Soju-VB and several others could probably give some tips.


Rubie sovs are very rough… I have tried a few, but at the end of the day it is far easier to roll an amazing diamond planet and get a ton of diamonds (and gold, etc) and just chisel change the diamonds into rubies as needed.


Ruby sovs tend to look a lot like this for ruby density.

But diamond sovs look more like this (Olympus biome for the win here)


I should have added that Paka suggested to roll a diamond also and just transform the diamonds to rubies.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve rolled now and gone for diamonds (hopefully!).


Good luck!!!

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as long as you picked olympus… you should have at least one good hotspot (unless RNG really turns against you)

Edit: and preferably Blast world (T6 is my choice)

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Yep, went T6 Blast and selected Olympus !

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I’ll post the results here once it comes through

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you should have some good hotspots then… don’t worry about the “numbers” just go look for the hotspots =)


Hi… @Soju-VB have tested many Planets and the Numbers are sometimes good, sometimes very bad, have a Emerald Planet 14,5% but only 99k Emeralds, thats not really worth farming.
Otherhand have a Topas Planet and 867K 23,5 Per chunk and only 2,43 % very good Hotspots.
RNG for getting good Biomes is not all the Time good.

Good Luck for getting a good Planet


How do you find the total number of gems?




Yeah, the percentages are a farce… i ignore them completely. The total numbers are a “bit” more accurate but even that can be misleading. The key is to map the planet ant find the hotspot. If you only have 99k of something but its all in the same hotspot, then it might be very good.


Have made a Screenshot from Emerald and Topas Planet

here you can see what i mean Emerald looks in the first line ok, but when you farming its… and much Lava, Topas is a Dream to farm.


Thanks Helmut


All depends on luck even If you Take the right biomes.

Like Said above the percentage IS not Always saying the truth!!!
Rolled my self an Emerald Planet which Had 50 percent Emerald and IT was Not mineable !!!

Also did several sapphire Planet Always the Same biomes and percentage was pending between 1 and 2,4 percent… Maze should be the highest biome ,you ll have an amazing silver planet then too and also a great hunting planet, and can gather easy bitter beans.

If you want to have Topas Olympus IS the Key Here Same AS diamonds but Not really huntable.

And Trust me i ve mined so many Planet and compared them how much you get Always in 1 hours

First you Need to know what should your Planet be for ?

Just one Special Things of Mining or you want to combine IT with hunting ? Or gathering ? Or Farming Other Things ?

Dependings what you Re looking for there are Sometimes several Options.

And i would recommend you Always T6 Not T5

If you want to mine you get more Drops and Same for hunting …

And weapons and Tools are Not much more expensive or to Forge…

A Ruby Planet AS example IS only intresting of you want to mine Cooper silver and gold at the Same time AS rubys.

And you use the Planet AS hunting planet too.

You can create this Planet also then for having big spots for lamellas , leaves and so on …

Greetings Turrican2006

If you Re intrested in Materials Only Take Diamond and you get Tons of coal too so never Spark problems , but its Not for hunting … Or good gathering.

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Thank you so much.

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Unrelated, but I never understood why a game would set up a system of rarity and then toss it aside with the transformation tool. Now, I use it, so …I’m not trying to throw stones, but is it because they didn’t mean for rubies and emeralds to be so rare, so rather then rewrite the code, they added transformation?
:edited out nonsensical sentence: