Ruchs Being Glitchy

I tried reloading the game and even going to other servers (which seem fine) and coming back, but Ruchs is being glitchy. The movements are laggy and jerking and blocks are not being placed immediately upon clicking or not being placed at all.

I just logged into Ruchs again and now the server is hardly loading. I’ll almost fell off the edge. Very, very glitchy now.

it’s being super laggy for me also. It thinks I’m pressing shift and left click randomly

Gortnen did that to me all the time while I was building there. Never found a solution. It would just come and go randomly.

Hopefully they can refresh the server or something because it’s almost impossible to work like this.

We just checked the server but we do not see the problem that was reported. Can you let us know where you are accessing the server from? I assume you are only experiencing this issue with Ruchs?

I haven’t been on today yet, but yesterday it was laggy and jerky again. I was on from about 8:30-11:30 US Central time and it seems like it’s just on big lag. Blocks are still not placing on the first try, or placing then disappearing and replacing with a white wood and the movements can jerk you so hard that even standing still you may be suddenly be thrown off the building you were balancing on.
Again, I think it’s just one big lag spike. I have been doing a lot of work lately on my place and so has some of my neighbors, so maybe the server just needs to catch up.
If it gets really bad again, I’ll let you know, and then maybe someone can get a video of it.